How the west was one - By Joey Tea © 2018.
“How the west was one” By Joey Tea – 2017. Mixed media on skateboard.

My first physical collage I ever made after years of making digital collages.

My friend Caityln is a collage artist and showed me the ropes one night. I suggested we collage some old skateboard decks I had laying around. Caitylyn provided super dope magazines to chop up. She brought black and white 1950s magazines and some modern art and culture Juxtapoz magazines. The magazines were the perfect juxtaposition…go figure LOL. Ads and articles in the 1950s magazines were ridiculously insensitive and full of blatant propaganda meanwhile the Juxtapoz mags were full of amazing street art and beautiful culture. There was no real plan for this piece except to try to tell a visual story with all the snippets we had cut out. When it was all said and done I loved the finished result and really could see an amazing story being told through the imagery.

The story I see is called, “How The West Was One”. West being America and although the “west” was “won”, before that it was, “one”. I see this piece as the Big Bang of art and modern culture. From the center of the skateboard outward this collage tells a story of how art has always been the center of Western Culture and has exploded from black and white to vibrant colors. This piece is also communicating some of the hectic energy or anxiety that is very much a part of America’s modern consumer economy.