More than photography

I love photography but do not consider myself a photographer. Photography is my means of collecting new colors for my palette. Using Photoshop as my brush, I paint with my photographs.

Studying digital media in college, I became skilled in Photoshop long before I ever picked up a camera. After moving to Chicago in 2014, I fell in love with photographing the city’s urban landscapes and began amassing quite the collection of photos. One day, for fun I made a collage inside Photoshop using only my own photos; I was instantly obsessed with the result.

Although I found deep satisfaction making digital art, I couldn’t help but feel inadequate. Traditional art work created in non-digital mediums exuded a unique quality that I felt digital art lacked. My solution to this dilemma was to create physical collages using my digital artwork as a base and effectively make the digital become physical.

With the advantage of creating art using a computer, I feel obligated to push the envelope. My aim with each piece is to create something mind-bending that would be near impossible to achieve with a paint brush. I pride myself in packing my art with as much detail as possible and creating work with a meditative quality. If the viewer can get lost in my art and continually notice new things over long periods of time then my work is a success.