Digital gone physical

It all starts with photographs I personally shoot. Using multiple photos, I piece together a larger work of art inside Photoshop.

Once the digital art is finished, I send it off to print. Multiple prints are made on varying styles of paper to allow me to create a more textured collage.

Printed artwork is then dissected with  scissors and reassembled onto a canvas. Paint is always involved in my physical collaging process; often splattering complimentary colors on top of the layers of paper. Paint helps tie all the pieces together while adding an organic layer to the digital art.

The final step in my process is sealing the collage in a coat of epoxy resin. Epoxy resin adds vibrancy to colors while also protecting the delicate paper collages inside a hard, sheen glass like membrane.

The finished result is a multi-dimensional, layered piece of mixed media collage that brings digital artwork to life in the physical realm.