photograph of joey tea smoking a crayon


Joey Tea is a mixed media artist who blends photography, digital art, and collage.

Utilizing technology to manipulate his photographs, Joey creates complex patterns and surreal reinterpretations of his surroundings.

Living in Chicago, much of his photographic subject matter is architecture and cityscapes, yet he continuously finds new inspiration in every setting he encounters. With great attention to detail, Joey’s photos often focus on overlooked textures and patterns found in modern infrastructure and nature.

After creating a digital work of art that utilizes multiple photographs to weave a narrative, Joey brings his computer generated art into the physical realm through hand-cut collaging. His method of collaging involves cutting and layering multiple prints, the addition of paint, and epoxy resin for added depth. 

Joey’s intricate artwork is an expression of the overwhelming complexity of reality while his use of geometric patterns represent the balance that may be found in the chaos. You can read more about his process here.