Joey Tea and his art piece "Da Bull" in downtown Chicago

Digital Gone Physical

My process begins with photography, transforms into digital art, and ultimately results in a handmade collage. 

I am constantly taking photographs and archiving them for later use. My subject matter ranges from architectural and natural landscapes, to portraits and beyond. Using as many photographs as necessary, I create a composition inside Photoshop, often using heavy manipulation to blend and alter the original photos.

After the digital artwork is finished, I print multiple copies on varying styles of paper to allow for a more textured collage.

Next, I dissect the prints and reassemble their pieces on wood. Paint is always involved in my physical collaging process, often splattering complimentary colors to tie the piece together while adding an organic layer to the digital work.

The final step in my process is sealing the collage in multiple coats of epoxy resin. Resin adds vibrancy to colors while also protecting the delicate paper collages inside a glasslike membrane. 

My creative process continues to evolve as I seek new ways to breathe life into my digital art.