Crayon Paragon


Mixed media collage on canvas, coated in epoxy resin.

(melted crayon, photography, digital art, collage, resin)

8 x 10 inches (1/2 inch thick edge)

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Crayon Paragon

8 x 10 inches (1/2 inch thick edge)

An original mixed media collage (melted crayons, photography, collage, and resin)

The background is melted crayons on canvas, sealed in epoxy resin. The background was photographed, printed and cut into an impossible diamond shape. That shape was then collaged onto of the resin coated background (which makes the collage float in 3-D above the background) and then sealed in another coat of resin. Although the foreground collage covers part of the background; you are still seeing that part of the background because its photograph is what has been collaged. Trippy huh? Some crayon inception stuff going on here.


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